About My Site

I started this website because I love shows about ghost hunting. I am on the fence about ghosts being real. I believe I saw one many years ago at the Bissell Mansion in St. Louis Missouri. I was there for a dinner theatre murder mystery. We were allowed to walk around before the show started. I decided to go upstairs and look around. No one else was up there, I am positive on this. I walked into a room and saw a woman in period dress spinning around, almost like twirling slowly. I didn’t think much of it as I thought she might be part of the show. I stepped away and decided to go back into the room. She was gone! I was at the only door to the room and the room was empty. No chairs, tables, nothing. I ran downstairs and told my boyfriend what I saw. He thought I was seeing things. I know what I saw, and have to believe it was a ghost.

A few months later we both went back to the Bissell to see another murder mystery dinner. This time, my boyfriend walked down stairs towards the kitchens. He saw a woman in period dress walking to the kitchens. He came up and told us about it. there was no person dressed in period clothing at the Bissell! Did he see the same woman? Don’t know, but we both swear to this day that we saw a woman in period clothing walking and dancing in the Bissell Mansion.

So My love of the paranormal started. I’ve watch a lot of ghost programs on various channels both in the us and now in the UK. Some are totally fake, but some are pretty good. I’ve been on numerous ghost hunts. Not seen a ghost on any of them. Just at the Bissell Mansion. I decided to design paranormal t-shirts because I couldn’t find any I liked searching the inter-web. I hope you like my designs and consider buying one or two. Besides here, I do sell them on my Etsy store, Redbubble store and also on Amazon.

If you see them anywhere else, they are fakes and of poor quality do to them being screen grabbed. DO NOT buy them, especially from Teespring, Gearbubble or any other websites like that! I have found people ripping off my designs all over the place now that they are online.